The Second Week

FGoing outside of Tokyo is never dull, unless you yourself are boring I guess 😀

Well, needless to say a lot has happened since the last post and I cannot with any fairness recount it all in one post, nor do I have the time to actually write a lot of posts (yeah, being in Japan is busy work 😆 ).

So I will try to recount the week very briefly and add some pictures that I haven’t already posted on instagram and facebook. If I have the time and energy I might post more, and I actually have a surprise in store for later when it’s finished.

But to sum up the week it’s TRAINS, FOOD, KARAOKE AND TRAINSSSSS…. Continue reading “The Second Week”

6 Days to Takeoff!

A trip down memory lane

There is a point in every man’s life where he want to go Japan, and he wants to write a blog but has no idea what to write other than the clock is ticking and he want so badly to go there. Now.

So in the wake of things to come (including Adolf.Blog’s answer to my Challenge) I will revisit some old  memories. Because if you have met me in real life and spoken about Japan with me1 I often2 speak at length about my previous trips. So as a theme for the last 6 days I will go through and summarize the previous trips.

So let’s start at the beginning! Continue reading “6 Days to Takeoff!”

  1. Unless you are a Japanese person, because then this wouldn’t happen to you 😛 []
  2. read ‘always’ []

9 Days to Takeoff!

One step closer!

The days tick down, very, very slowly. But almost in proportion my hype is growing every single moment! I am more than certain that this journey will undoubtedly be the best one yet! WHOOOA! Continue reading “9 Days to Takeoff!”