The Second Week

FGoing outside of Tokyo is never dull, unless you yourself are boring I guess 😀

Well, needless to say a lot has happened since the last post and I cannot with any fairness recount it all in one post, nor do I have the time to actually write a lot of posts (yeah, being in Japan is busy work 😆 ).

So I will try to recount the week very briefly and add some pictures that I haven’t already posted on instagram and facebook. If I have the time and energy I might post more, and I actually have a surprise in store for later when it’s finished.

But to sum up the week it’s TRAINS, FOOD, KARAOKE AND TRAINSSSSS…. Continue reading “The Second Week”

1 Day to Takeoff!!!!!

The final countdown!

So, in compensation for yesterday’s catastrophe 😉 I’ll give you an extra post!

But! It has come to my attention that I write too much and repetitive, and I have to agree since I’m just writing what’s in my head and then let that be.

Today though I hope that the recap of these two previous trips will be better. If nothing else they will contain more pictures 😀 Continue reading “1 Day to Takeoff!!!!!”

2 Days to Takeoff!!!!

Wrapping up

So, today I’m working with finishing everything that is left so I’ll be able to fully focus on the vacation tomorrow. Making sure everything is ready.

I was sitting now working, I just glanced at the clock and then in panic I realize that suddenly it’s 14:49!!!

So TODAY WILL be a short post to meet my time limit! Continue reading “2 Days to Takeoff!!!!”

3 Days to Takeoff!!!

Restoring hope!

Today I’m working up north in Gällivare. This is the last work-heavy day with a lot of important stuff to do. Most of the work I’m doing today has to do with a project I’m starting this summer that is planned to involve all 14 municipalities in Norrbotten County.

Right now I’m trying to finish up everything work-related so that I can truly just let go when the plane lifts from Luleå and then just focus on myself and my trip. 😀

But first, let’s revisit the unlikely return to Japan in 2013! Continue reading “3 Days to Takeoff!!!”

5 Days to Takeoff!

The journey of firsts

So, right now I am starting to get giddy. Very, very giddy. Most of the heavy lifting when it comes to work and stuff to do before Japan is finished. And the relief that comes from releasing stress gives way for happiness, childlike hapiness to take it’s place when I realize that soon I’ll be gone for fortyfive (45) days and just enjoy Japan! 😀 Continue reading “5 Days to Takeoff!”

7 Days to Takeoff!

The Challenge 😈

So I’ve spoken about it in many posts now, and actually I’ve been meaning to put it out there for two weeks now. The reason why it took this long is due to a failed post that became to big that it broke down and I scrapped the whole idea and also because every day I’ve suddenly came up with something different.

So I challenge you to WANKO SOBA! Continue reading “7 Days to Takeoff!”