The Second Week

FGoing outside of Tokyo is never dull, unless you yourself are boring I guess 😀

Well, needless to say a lot has happened since the last post and I cannot with any fairness recount it all in one post, nor do I have the time to actually write a lot of posts (yeah, being in Japan is busy work 😆 ).

So I will try to recount the week very briefly and add some pictures that I haven’t already posted on instagram and facebook. If I have the time and energy I might post more, and I actually have a surprise in store for later when it’s finished.

But to sum up the week it’s TRAINS, FOOD, KARAOKE AND TRAINSSSSS….

Fukuoka (2/4 to 4/4)

At an Yatai

First stop, 3 days in Fukuoka the hometown of Tonkotsu Ramen (kind off) and my favorite ramen place Ichiran Ramen.

The first day here I spent with my mother Anna and her husband Rolf just travelling to Fukuoka and then eating ramen and showing them karaoke! <3

The second day Adolf came from Niigata after being there on a Scandal concert. The same procedure as the previous day with the addition of some sightseeing and that after Karaoke we ended the night at an Yatai which Fukuoka is famous for. The day after this, we went straight to Kobe for the next adventure!

Kobe (4/4 to 5/4)

Kobe Beef in style

Next destination was Kobe, the port town that is known for it’s Kobe Beef as well as being victim of a devastating earthquake in 1995.

We on the other hand where there as tourists, we went to see the sights of Kobe as well as eating Kobe Beef, which we were so lucky to be able to get a restaurant for our selves being personally served. It was expensive but oh so delicious food!

This was also the last destination that I and Adolf shared with my Mother and Rolf, so the next destination after this was Osaka, only about half an hour away from Kobe.

Osaka (5/4 to 6/4)

1 kg beef each?!

So, back in 2015 I went to Osaka for the first time with an association I founded named NIRKO. While we where in Osaka we found this place that had a “Challenge Steak” which was 1000g of beef.

Me, being a glutton I couldn’t resist the temptation for long so I succumbed and ate it. It was very, very good and not as much as I thought it would be.

So my thought now where to revisit the places me and Adolf had seen before, just have some fun and take on the Challenge Steak again. We had a few thoughts of eating the 1000g steak and then directly go to Morioka, Iwate and take on the Wanko Soba Challenge, but it would be a tight race and a lot, a lot of food in one day.

Here you can look at a time lapse of us eating the challenge steak 😆1

Iwate (6/4 to 7/4)

Wanko Soba

Last stop before going back to Tokyo was Morioka in Iwate Perfecture.

When I challenged Adolf to Wanko Soba he agreed upon the following conditions:

1.  The contest must take place in Iwate

2. If we didn’t make it to a 100 we would leave it at that.

I agreed to his terms, and when it came to doing the contest in Iwate where Wanko Soba seems to have originated or at least is very popular, I am really glad we did it! We couldn’t have gotten a better experience anywhere else.

As for the second demand, it seems like it was unfunded. We easily reached 100 it was when I came above 110 I started to feel the effects of it and I tried to quit 3 times before I succeeded. The rules for quitting weren’t very clear 😆

Well, I got 117 and Adolf won with 150! I gladly lost this challenge. I could maybe have gone up to 125 but more than that and I would have had serious problems with my stomach… or thrown up.

The most amazing thing with Wanko Soba is that it is VERY GOOD! I expected horrible or bland taste, but it was actually very good! Without that the challenge would have been harder for me.

Here you have a time lapse of the Wanko Soba Challenge!

The Gallery

And so we finish up with a gallery!

See you next week!2


  1. A new video with both the Challenge Steak and the Wanko Soba Challenge will be uploaded in the future after some editing. If my computer can edit it before I go back to Japan, the content is over 30gb 😆 []
  2. Maybe, who knows 😆 []

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