The first week

Well, quickly after we landed things started happening and before I knew it, poff was the blog from my mind. I now understand why Adolf haven’t been able or had the energy to blog during his visit.

You simply don’t have anything you WISH to blog about. And since I’m using instagram I pretty much share the pictures and happenings there as they happen!

But hey, it’s me. I know I like blogging, so here’s a gallery to sum up the week.

As an reflection I’ve made during this trip, the more you go to Japan, the less you actually want to tell about it and the more you just enjoy it. If you get my meaning?

Even if I do new things, like Tate or go to Tokyo Slush, it’s mostly just take in the experience and make the most of it, but I don’t really feel like talking about anymore. The trip is fun and feels more like being back home than on a vacation, but that sense of just being here, is for me what makes it less worth blogging about.

For me and for you.

So I’ll work on finding a theme and also post some of the pictures that does not find their way to instagram/facebook.

So right now the plan is to wrap-up of the week on the weekend1 and do one other post of something interesting during the week.

But this is vacation, if I don’t have anything interesting or don’t feel like it, expect nothing 😉

Any specific requests?


  1. Friday, Saturday or Sunday []

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