2 Days to Takeoff!!!!

Wrapping up

So, today I’m working with finishing everything that is left so I’ll be able to fully focus on the vacation tomorrow. Making sure everything is ready.

I was sitting now working, I just glanced at the clock and then in panic I realize that suddenly it’s 14:49!!!

So TODAY WILL be a short post to meet my time limit! Continue reading “2 Days to Takeoff!!!!”

3 Days to Takeoff!!!

Restoring hope!

Today I’m working up north in Gällivare. This is the last work-heavy day with a lot of important stuff to do. Most of the work I’m doing today has to do with a project I’m starting this summer that is planned to involve all 14 municipalities in Norrbotten County.

Right now I’m trying to finish up everything work-related so that I can truly just let go when the plane lifts from Luleå and then just focus on myself and my trip. 😀

But first, let’s revisit the unlikely return to Japan in 2013! Continue reading “3 Days to Takeoff!!!”