Making my own food part 1

When I went to Japan 2008 I lived in a small apartment which I always shared with at least 2 other people. It was cheap, very cheap, and belonged to a English evening school. This school had the low price for the room and one requirement, that you spoke English with their students once a week.

But to the point of the magnificent salad above is: one of my roommates was a girl namned Danielle and she was a vegetarian. I needed to buy food to be able to afford the trip at all and the best way to do this was to share the expenses with someone else. And she was kind of living on a budget as well so she agreed to this and this became our main dish. A simple but very very tasty salad with a tomato salad sauce we found at the supermarket.

Fond memories of eating this, bread and drinking wine while exchanging stories.


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