Japanese fast food noodles

You know the small packages of noodles we have in Sweden, and in many other countries as well? This is a Japanese version of that.

In Japan they have a extremely wider selection of these fast noodles and all of them are not only more elaborate but also richer in flavor tastes more like Ramen and as you can see have many different spices in them not only just one plus most of them are made so you make your noodles in the package they come with!

This is a Mega UFO Instant Noodle package and it, as most of the things I ate back then, amazed me to no end. In Sweden the closest thing I’ve ever seen was the cup noodles and those were usually with much lower quality than the regular noodles and tasted barely half as good. This tough, was like cup noodles but tasted three times as good as what I was used to back home.


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