First Time Curry

This is the first picture of me eating Curry in Japan.

I had eaten something resembling curry before but that was yellow-ish and tasted very much different than this. So when I saw the shop down the street “Happy Road” in Kita-Urawa I went in, looked at the strange wending machine where you paid to get your meal and was amazed over the simplicity of choosing from a vending machine and not ever paying to the workers. It was a neat and simple system.

This dish was the most eaten dish for me during 2008. I went there on a very, very tight budget and in retrospect I couldn’t actually afford the trip 😀 but this saved me in many ways. It was very, very cheap to eat one of these plates, it cost just above 20 SEK and it is quite much. And it made me see curry in a different light. The Indian Curry and other normal yellow curry is something I want every now and then, this is something I could eat every other day or so. So much better!


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