1 Day to Takeoff!!!!!

The final countdown!

So, in compensation for yesterday’s catastrophe 😉 I’ll give you an extra post!

But! It has come to my attention that I write too much and repetitive, and I have to agree since I’m just writing what’s in my head and then let that be.

Today though I hope that the recap of these two previous trips will be better. If nothing else they will contain more pictures 😀

2015 – NIRKO

I will not do much of a precursor today to the first of two galleries since the pictures can speak for themselves. But what is NIRKO?

日本へ旅行会 or NIRKO stands for Nippon e Ryokoukai. It means kind of: “Go to Japan society” and it is exactly that. I had an idea to gather friends and acquaintances and try to fund a club where we collectively try to gather money through events and study groups.

The point was mostly to have a shared fellowship where we tried to study and focus and plan a trip together all to learn more about Japan together.

So after about a year of meetings, both study groups and just team building we finally had managed to gather money enough to go to Japan and decided to go as an association.

You can check out NIRKOs facebook page, the society is currently on ice, but I will post our pictures there and share from both mine and Adolf’s blogs.

And without further ado, here is the gallery for 2015 with its text! 😀

2016 – Birthday Trip

Without a doubt the trip 2016 is the best of my trips so far. It is the first time I could do whatever I wanted most of the time and also I never was bored. The tempo of the entire trip was perfect.

If there is anything I regret, it would be not going out skiing when we were in Kusatsu. But other than that this trip is so full of food and enjoyable moments with new friends that it kind of defines what I like the most with Japan 😀

I also bought manga in, according to me, huge quantities and started pimping out my apartment with geeky stuff.

Have a look!

And with that, I will just say this:

Tomorrow I have prepared one post. After that I have no idea when or what I will post but I will post. If there isn’t a post at 15:00 Swedish Time, then that day will not have a post. That will be the rule I’ll try to follow.

Well, follow me on instagram or facebook, where I’ll update as well.

With that, LET’S GO TO JAPAN! 😀


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