3 Days to Takeoff!!!

Restoring hope!

Today I’m working up north in Gällivare. This is the last work-heavy day with a lot of important stuff to do. Most of the work I’m doing today has to do with a project I’m starting this summer that is planned to involve all 14 municipalities in Norrbotten County.

Right now I’m trying to finish up everything work-related so that I can truly just let go when the plane lifts from Luleå and then just focus on myself and my trip. 😀

But first, let’s revisit the unlikely return to Japan in 2013!

2013 – The Resurrection

After the trip in 2011 I was quite certain that I would never, ever see Japan again. The experience was barely passing and not worth the cost not to mention that my girlfriend really didn’t like it.

But when Drak, Adolf and Anna booked tickets again I really felt like I wanted, no needed go go. I couldn’t leave Japan in such a way. Just let all my good memories of the place go to waste?

There was other things behind it as well, but the important thing was that in the end, I booked a ticket together with PB that I luckily convinced to follow again. Even tough Drak and company where there for 46 or something days I both couldn’t afford such a long and expensive trip nor did I have the motivation for being away for that long (unlike now 😈 ).

Drak and Adolf planned a trip where they actually took a tour through Japan, south to north1 and visited (to my limited knowledge) a number of whisky distilleries and noteworthy places. By the end of their trip, when they returned to Tokyo we decided to join them.

This trip was all in all amazing! I regained my faith in Japan again and had an amazing time. PB and I even rented a big-ass house in the middle of Tokyo! It was super amazing and we had a party there where Ynz, a friend of Drak, joined up as well.

Other than that the highlights for me with this trip was Ichiran Ramen and FujiQ Highland. Ichiran is one of the best ramen I’ve ever had in my life and FujiQ is a roller-coaster theme park with very exciting and awesome rides!

I almost forgot, but I actually managed to get my first reservation to the Ninja Akasaka resturant as well! It was my first time at such an exclusive themed restaurant and I had never spent so much money to get a meal at a restaurant before. And it was, up to that point, the best I’ve ever had at one restaurant. This tough has been beaten after that but still, it is amazing and I would recommend it to everyone.

Well, click the pictures to get some stories as usual, and if you have the problem some browsers have with the three first2 it should stil work to click the picture and then you’ll be able to see it. Otherwise change browser, I have no idea what’s causing this strange glitch, maybe some weird plugin.

I couldn’t get the 3 pictures to work on any browser so I just erased them. They were just pictures of the people that went with on the trip plus a picture of an Ichiran stall booth since this was the trip that I discovered the heaven of ramen! <3

So, one more workday and then I’ll be out of here!

Tomorrow I’ll cover 2014 and on the last day I’ll cover 2015 and 2016!

After I land in Japan though I have no clue how the blogging will be, only that if there will be a post it will be at 15:00 Swedish Time or 23/22 Japanese Time.


The rules for the Wanko Soba has changed!
Adolf has agreed upon the duel, but he is sceptical that we’ll be able to eat 100 bowls, so the rules pertaining to the 100-bowls rules are removed from the challange!

Game on Adolf!

Let’s Wanko Soba!


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