4 Days to Takeoff!

Getting close now!

As the day for takeoff is closing in, so are the secondary stress setting in. I need to do this, I need to do that, I have to finish this, have I forgotten to do anything at work? Is everything prepared, do I have time for this and so on…

With this I will unfortunately become more, and more short in my blog posts unfortunately. But yeah, still going back to the previous trips and 2011 was a… strange year for me in Japan. It could have been the greatest so far, but well…

2011 – High Hopes and Crushed Dreams

So you remember the Fukushima accident? It proved to be a blessing and a curse for me and my friends.

I was still thinking of going to Japan in 2011 when that happened, a lot of my friends and contacts in Japan were sent home or affected in some degree. For a while it also seemed like it shouldn’t be possible to go there for a while.

Then, they opened up the country again for tourists and prices dropped below what you could imagine! I got a message from my friends that, suddenly the prices for a round ticket was around 3000 SEK! I had just recently gotten into a relationship with Louise and I was at her place when I got the news and got super excited and hyped when I got the message from Drak1 that I was almost instantly sold of getting everyone I knew together and go to Japan, that also included Louise.

So, long story short, I booked the tickets, and with me came Louise, PB2 and Daniel Åström. My friends Adolf3 with his girlfriend Anna Tandlund and Drak went during the same period but in a separate travel group kind-off. So all, in all we were 7 people from Sweden going to Japan together, and I was so super excited and thought everyone where as well, but problems would arise later ❗

Big group

At first, being in a big group was very, very exciting! But to be divided into two different areas of Tokyo plus not having a good way of communicating made it a little bit hard to coordinate our travels. Not to mention our tempo was entirely different from each other. But it was fun the moments we actually could fit all 7 people in the same activity and find a place that had space for a full company of that size. But all in all, it was mostly bothersome even though it would be so much easier if we had all known each other since before the trip and had more knowledge about how to move around in Japan and how to coordinate ourselves.

So conclusion: big group, plan better, and do it now would be much more fun. Also, make sure everyone wants to be part of said group 😯


This was probabaly one of the few highlights with the trip. We went to Kamakura which is about 1 hour or so by train from Tokyo. They have this great Buddha statue and also they had the beach! This is the only time so far that I’ve bathed in the Japanese ocean and not in an Onsen or Sento. And for some of my travel company this was the only good thing about the trip.

Japanese summer

I knew that the Japanese summers were supposed to be hot, but I did not how hot or how humid they could be. Even so it was still 100 times better than Hiroshima4. Partly because that it was hot (about 30-38 degrees) I liked it. But some of us really didn’t like it and I can understand that. But due to that in my group there were some disappointment and bad moods that was part in making this trip the worst trip to Japan for me 🙁


So, after going to Kusatsu before I decided to try to go there again with the entire group. This failed horrendously and I was very, very disappointed. I think this was what broke my spirits and hope about that trip. The last thing that could go wrong, did go wrong.

Anyhow, we went about 4-5h with trains to Kusatsu, but due to people not responding and obviously my bad communication, me and my group had to wait for 4 hours to meet the others to go on the train. This resulted in us getting there waaay to late so we just arrived, saw the town, it started pouring down and then we just turned around and went home again after eating some cold soba.

No onsen, only bad weather, missing all the great things about the town and wasting money xD

It was fun in its own way since this was probably the only thing we all did together.

Summer Sonic 😥 🙁 😥

Before the trip, Adolf and Drak found the Summer Sonic music festival. But due to me having no money I couldn’t buy tickets before they were sold out so I missed this. This was my one chance to see Red Hot Chili Peppers and Asian Kung-Fu Generation among other bands that I knew where there. This will be one of my biggest regrets until I die… 🙁 😉

Comiket 🙁

Another event that I missed, first it was planned to go but the day we were meant to go, my group kind of fell apart and there was so much bad mood around that I decided to spend the day by myself. By this point I had given up on Japan. And had concluded that this was the last trip there.

Down here you have a sparse gallery from this very, very sad trip.

Happily, it wasn’t the last trip there. It was without a doubt the worst and most tragic trip but I recovered a few years later…


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