5 Days to Takeoff!

The journey of firsts

So, right now I am starting to get giddy. Very, very giddy. Most of the heavy lifting when it comes to work and stuff to do before Japan is finished. And the relief that comes from releasing stress gives way for happiness, childlike hapiness to take it’s place when I realize that soon I’ll be gone for fortyfive (45) days and just enjoy Japan! 😀

Japan 2010 – Returning to the Crime Scene

After the first trip 2008 I just knew I had to go back. I had learned so much, gotten to know so many people and it has changed my entire perspective on myself and the world. During my first trip I suddenly got a message from an old lost friend called Drak1 which was like. “Hey, I see you are in Japan. Cool” and from that our friendship was reignited.

This trip tough was actually me building a new box. As the previous was completely outside the box and my comfort zone I now started to define a new “me” and a new way of feeling comfortable and secure. So some character development you could say, even tough the initial thrill of doing something so completely alien have not and did not reoccur but I started to get the hang of traveling and planning but looking back at this now, I realize that I learned how to plan from these first steps.

This is trip is actually easily described as a journey of firsts. There was a lot I did/saw/experienced for the very first time during this trip. This trip also started to define a little what the “core” of what I like with Japan really is. And as a friend pointed out yesterday: “You aren’t actually doing much new now.”

This is true in some sense, I’m not going to do much “completely new” experiences – even though I have some planned.  But that freshness is quickly waning when you discover a new place and finally build a new norm – a new box.

Well, this journey meant a lot to me. A new friend which later defined my circle of friends, and new food experiences and also a way of entertaining myself that was a good way to meet new people while in Japan.

Same drill as the previous post. I have written small stories tied to each and every picture. So if you press a picture you’ll get a short story and an explanation of what it is 🙂

Unlike the first trip, I knew I would be back after this. In fact, I kind of planned it. Everything I saw, everything I experienced, every plan that I tried – failed or success doesn’t matter, I used it to define the future.

What I did not expect was the tsunami and the Fukushima accident… 😥


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