6 Days to Takeoff!

A trip down memory lane

There is a point in every man’s life where he want to go Japan, and he wants to write a blog but has no idea what to write other than the clock is ticking and he want so badly to go there. Now.

So in the wake of things to come (including Adolf.Blog’s answer to my Challenge) I will revisit some old  memories. Because if you have met me in real life and spoken about Japan with me1 I often2 speak at length about my previous trips. So as a theme for the last 6 days I will go through and summarize the previous trips.

So let’s start at the beginning!

Japan 2008 – The First Journey

As some of you might now I did a blog back then as well. I wrote about my travels in a Travel Journal back then that is right now 50 pages long for my first journey of barely 23 days 😆

But back then there was SO MUCH NEW THINGS! The scope of all the information I took in was so amazing that it changed me as a person and even after I came back home it left ripples in my life.

The reason for this is quite simple: I dove into unknown territory and stepped outside of my comfort zone.

As far as I know this is the only time in my life until now I actually have done this by myself and the only single moment in my life except being adopted that I’ve gone out of my comfort zone and done something that to my life has been so revolutionary.

Anyhow, I’ve been looking back at the journal as well as the pictures from the first trip.

I took “only”3 672 pictures during that trip and only 650-ish of them in Japan. The journal sizes though from the first trip to the last have gone downward. Like an avalanche xD

The past trips due to some interference during the trip in 2011 there have been none or very sparse with writing journals or blogs. In 2015 we did a special effort with a “Go to Japanese Association” called NIRKO, and then I forced the members of the association that went with me to contribute pictures and journal entries. 🙂

One thing that I had forgotten that I found out looking through the journal right now is that I actually planned to go to Japan with PB first 😯

An excerpt from the journal:

So what does my summer have in store for me? Well, hopefully I will go to Japan this summer. I’ve set myself on that even thou I have neglected collecting my money (but this ain’t that hard to get anyway). I will go there and I will have as much fun as possible. The only problem right now is money, but that won’t be a problem. If necessary I will take out some from my funds or borrow from my parents. Neither would seem to be needed. I will probably just go with about 20k and then have my credit card or some other reassurance with me. I need to practice my Japanese too a little. The problem while there would probably be to stay in the mood not get to annoyed with PB and to spend money wisely so I can have fun and eat the whole trip; it’s easy to spend away all the money. Even thou it’s not Vegas and I won’t gamble… note that I’m only speaking of myself…

So, a week before I actually got the inpulse to just buy a ticket we had been talking about going there. So that was what brought it on. Later a sudden “sale” of Finnairs tickets to Japan and PB declaring that he wouldn’t be able to go to Japan in 2008 made me book a trip only 10 days away and thinking that 7k SEK was cheap 😆

Now I know better, and have never paid that much for tickets to Japan ever since.

Well, down here I included a gallery, if you click a picture you’ll get an individual story about some of the experiences back then.

So as life changing as the trip was it was pretty amazing and I became addicted to Japan and all it’s awesomeness. But I did not count on going back there 8 times!!! 😆


  1. Unless you are a Japanese person, because then this wouldn’t happen to you 😛 []
  2. read ‘always’ []
  3. Compared to me later trips this is a very small number []

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