7 Days to Takeoff!

The Challenge 😈

So I’ve spoken about it in many posts now, and actually I’ve been meaning to put it out there for two weeks now. The reason why it took this long is due to a failed post that became to big that it broke down and I scrapped the whole idea and also because every day I’ve suddenly came up with something different.

So adolf.blog I challenge you to WANKO SOBA!

Wanko Soba te nani?

Well, Wanko Soba is originally, and probably still just a dish or a way to eat Soba. And Soba is noodles made from buckwheat instead of wheat like ramen.

But I ain’t going to bore you with the details, oh no! Not today! Today I use the shortcut of including the inspiration of why I am now challange Andreas Adolfsson of Adolf.Blog to a Wanko Soba contest during our stay!

And with stakes!

The looser pays for the winners meal as well 😥

I cry because Adolf is one of the very few I’ve eaten with that not only eats about the same amount as me and keeps up, but he eats more 😯. When I’m starting to get full, he orders second. And When I’m full, he orders one last second. And then he complains about having a tummy ache but yeah… I’m gonna loose 😆

So watch the video and I’ll put up the rules of our challenge bellow, should you accept it and I want you to accept it in form of an post on your blog accepting it formally!


All these rules apply to the contest.

    • The winner is the one that has eaten the most bowls
    • The winner cannot win if he has eaten less than 100 bowls 
    • If there should be two (2) losers, each pay for the others meal 😥
    • If no winner has been selected, the challenge must be done again until a winner is selected 


    SO! Do you accept Adolf?! :mrgreen:


    1. Adolf accepted the challenge, but on the condition that this is not a winning condition []

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