8 Days to Takeoff!

The plan of the trip

So let’s quickly go through what will happen during the trip, what is planned right now.

Kita Urawa – Traditonal Meal (24/3 – Day 1)

In the previous post I mentioned my traditional meal, and as soon as I’ve gotten the key to the apartment and paid I will go to Kita Urawa to eat it, and just stroll about. Hopefully I’ll get some of my friends with me but it’s not a must. I will do this anyway.

So, what’s the deal with Kita Urawa?! Well, it’s mostly nostalgic reasons behind it. The first trip 2008 I got an apartment there to share with other travellers through Couchsurfing. This was at an english evening school so the only requirement except a very, very cheap rent was to participate in their tea room every sunday to speak with their students and help them understand.

And I’ve lived there 3 of my 7 previous trips. It is a specal place for me full of my first emotions and love for Japan.

Down here are 2 videos where someone is strolling about in Kita Urawa, not very exciting but it shows a lot of places I knowΒ and love. I’ve walked almost all the paths shown.

Samurai Meetup Quater Meeting (25/3 – Day 2)

Adolf seems to have gotten me invited to a meeting and a party with the Samurai Meetup group. I very much look forward to meeting them all again and hear what they’ve been up to the past year πŸ˜€

And as always these evenings are usually super fun, and can end in very crazy ways so I can’t wait to see what happens this time 😈

Mother’s Arrival in Japan ( 29/3 – Day 6)

My mother has contributed to this trip as a 30-year old birthday gift and I’ve in exchange promised to show her around in the land of my dreams and fascinations.

So I will greet her and try to show her around a little before going to the next event I have planned which unfortunately is on the exact same date as her arrival 😯

Tokyo Slush (29/3 – 30/3 – Day 6 & 7)

As I’ve gone through in the first of the countdown posts we are going to this Entrepreneur gathering. I don’t know what to expect and if I should try to go as a company and look for business contacts in Japan. But I am excited to see what it will yield.

Buy Tickets to Scandal (1/4 – Day 9)

Adolf and I discussed going to a concert and if so buying tickets on this day.

What I know is that the band is named Scandal and that they are touring in Japan right now. Hopefully that will develop further as we go.

Scandal is a band that Adolf somehow fell in love with and they have decent music and concerts in Japan in usually fun so let’s see what it is πŸ˜€

Go to Fukuoka (2/4 – Day 10)

I will go together with my mother and probably Adolf to Fukuoka. This is the southmost I’ve gone in Japan so it will be interesting to check the difference of this town to the rest.

But I’ve watched some interesting things about it and it will be fun!

Go to Kobe (4/4 – Day 12)

To be honest, the only reason I go to Kobe is for the Kobe beef. I’ve heard it’s best in Kobe and also is cheaper in Kobe for some reason I cannot fathom? Well anyway let’s eat some Kobe beef! πŸ˜€

Go to Osaka (5/4 – Day 13)

Last time I went to Osaka I really liked the food there, but I did not do it justice due to bad mood during that stay.

I am not sure for how long I will be there and maybe I’ll go to Kyoto also or maybe somewhere entirely different, time will tell. But I will want to try to eat and do shit I haven’t done yet in these cities! πŸ˜€

Back to Tokyo (8/4 – Day 16)

After 7 days outside of Tokyo I’ll be arriving here again and from this point my focus will mainly be actually slowing down and trying not to have as high tempo as the last trip.

I’m here for a total of 45 days and I really, really need to be able to afford doing everything I want without being broke the last 2-3 weeks. And in an ideal world I would have quite much left when I go home.

Mother leaves Tokyo (12/4 – Day 20)

Here my mother’s travels ends and I hope she and her significant other Rolf, will have a great time and that they after two weeks realize that Japan needs to be revisited!

FujiQ Highland (???)

I’ve been here one time, two times, three times! And I want to go back. I love roller costers and I can’t get enough. This time I have a new friend with me that will be coming with and hopefully we might be able to pick up some others to go with us to this amazing roller coaster park that is not for the light hearted or those with vertigo 😈

I always start a post and think to myself: “This is going to be a short post, I have nothing to write today.” And then I end up with these relatively huge posts that takes a lot longer to write than expected πŸ˜•

So well, I can tell you all that are reading right now that while my ambition is to write one post every single day and post it at 15:00 (SV) and 23/22 (JP) that will not happen if I can’t keep up.

If I need to force myself to sit down and it takes too long in Japan I will not do it. I am there to relax and will write as I feel like. But follow me on facebook or instagram and you’ll be bombarded with pictures if I have anything to show.

And hopefully tough I will also have a challange with adolf.blog to keep both blogs active and alive with new content!

That challange will be posted tomorrow! πŸ˜€


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