9 Days to Takeoff!

One step closer!

The days tick down, very, very slowly. But almost in proportion my hype is growing every single moment! I am more than certain that this journey will undoubtedly be the best one yet! WHOOOA!

Well, let’s talk about the plan. And yes I have a plan for the trip even though it’s mostly a loose schedule1 and mostly a general idea of what I want to do with some specifics in-between.

Takeoff will occur at 11:052 from Luleå3 to Stockholm and from there we’ll go to Copenhagen and then the looong flight to Tokyo.

My plan for the flights?

Pretty simple, iPad (games), VR Googles (Movies), Audio Books and sleep. I also will eat on the flight since it will probably take quite a while for me to eat when I arrive in Japan. You see, I have this tradition…

My first ramen

This bowl of Ramen was the absolute first thing I ate in Japan the first time I went there, and without knowing it back then this started a tradition that I’ve been able to keep up every single trip so far.

After landing in Japan I suffered from a minor breakdown. The trip to Japan 2008 was absolutely spontaneous. I just out of the blue bought tickets on impulse, fled school and went there. Without any preparation, or close to none compared to how I usually do things.

When I arrived I had decided to try my Japanese and even prepared a lot of sentences in my head that I was going to say, OH how I was going to surprise them with my Japanese!

I boldly went into the first Ramen Shop I saw, and in the door I was to greet them as they greeted me, but in utter panic I strode in, sat down at a table and took a deep breath.

Well, next time when they came to the table I would ask for a menu in English! Oh I would! I know I would! Here they come… look away, nod and say nothing, and… shudder in shame…

So without any Japanese, I pointed and nodded and got this meal. Eating it, feeling the panic inside and the doubt of my decision to go to Japan in the first place, I ate and was AMAZED.

Ever since then I’ve had the tradition that my first meal in Japan will always be this bowl of Ramen, until the shop closes. This tradition can be quite painful in some ways because of the fact of needing to go without food for quite some time but it’s worth it. It makes every bowl memorable. And this bowl is special, the first Ramen.4

So my plan when I land in Japan is the following:

After clearing the airport I will take the bus to Shinjuku where Sakura House has their offices. Sign the contract and then go to the house. This will take approximately 2 and a half hours to 3 hours counting luggage pick up and transport.

After leaving all but the bare necessities at the apartment I will immediately go to Kita-Urawa, where this Ramen Shop is and go and eat it!

The tradition will live on! 😀

So I will continue with my plan tomorrow 😀


  1. According to my standards []
  2. UTC+1, Swedish Time []
  3. My current, and probably only permanent residence []
  4. I later learned that this was a Chinese Ramen Shop, but it doesn’t change that it was the first bowl of Ramen I’ve had in Japan []

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