Anime Love Part 1

I initially started this blog as part of a joint project together with my friend Andreas “Adolf” Adolfsson, but today when I had watched my customary episode of anime I realized that another deeper purpose for this blog should exist. Something beyond the scope of a mere trip to Japan.

Anime has given me purpose in life. When I was young (around 12-15) it really gave me a drive to gather people with the same interest and watch anime together. This is still something I like, and when you look at anime and the simple recipe for an episode there are one thing that happens twice in almost every anime episode that both inspires, rouses and sometimes annoys me but in all cases it stir up great emotions: Openings and Endings.

The first time you watch an episode you sometimes are either surprised by the opening or maybe it isn’t there (a more modern take I think), and you sometimes try to discern from the opening “Will I like this?” or “What is this anime all about?” but most of the times it’s just pure unrelated awesome scenes that never actually happens in the series and sometimes even makes no sense at all.

Either way when I stop an episode that is good and the ending start playing I get a shiver down my spine, and the song that I originally didn’t care for gives me some kind of joy of aftermath. It feels like I accomplished something and I like the feeling of the wait after the episode.

This phenomena is something I don’t think I’ve ever experienced in any other kind of media ever and that, is something that makes anime very, very special to me and also why it has driven me to do so much and why I always come back to it after a year or so of hiatus.

Need to expand that subject, but for now, let this be my first post and also, let me when time arises change the name of this blog from Japan Travels to Japan Love, because this is what will be the main subject here. My love for japan, the culture and what it has inspired in me.

Good afternoon everyone.


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